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Dated: 12/02/2017

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Can you believe its December ? Wow where  did the year go? Have you accomplished your goals this year? 

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How Guidance By A Professional Can Save You From Disappointment

Many times we will have clients requesting more info on a home that they come across on a website. After searching more info on it and learning that those properties are not available and have been

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Watch this 90 second explainer video to why over 400 AGENTS call Kelly Right Real Estate home. It's not simply the commission structure, though 100 percent commission is not to shabby. It's also the

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Spokane Home Appraisals Catching Up With Market Rise

The week’s news about the continuing moderate rise in home values will certainly bring a smile to Spokane homeowners. But, as seems to be true for just about everything, there can also be some

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